Chiropractic in Athletic Performance

Last month you probably watched the most finely tuned athletes in the world zip down snowy slopes at breakneck speed, race around icy tracks setting world records, and saw figure skaters move with incredible grace, power and agility.  Years of conditioning, psychological training, preparation, and practice culminated in a few minutes to determine who is “the best in the world”.  Countries invest time, money and resources to ensure that they have the best chance to see their flags flying over the podiums when the dust settles.  In order to keep the athletes in peak physical condition they have teams of medical professionals working with them.  These teams include physical therapists, psychologists, MDs, and chiropractors.  In fact, the Managing Director of Sports Medicine for Team USA in Sochi, Dr. Bill Moreau, is a chiropractor!

Athletes in all sports utilize chiropractic for aches and pains, but also to improve circulation, and range of motion.  The Super Bowl Champion Seattle Seahawks employ a chiropractor, as do many other professional sports teams.  Athletes like Usain Bolt, Jerry Rice,Tiger Woods, and figure skater Ashley Wagner have sung the praises of chiropractic care.  Observations of athletes receiving certain chiropractic techniques seem to indicate that chiropractic can indirectly improve reaction time, and performance.

With warm weather around the corner (FINALLY!) you may be dusting off that bike or your jogging shoes.  Remember to get checked by your chiropractor to be sure you’re moving the best you can!