The constant stress and strain we put on our upper backs and shoulders makes us all susceptible to injuries as well as chronic aches and pains.  Often prolonged sitting, poor posture and daily stress can lead to chronic burning and aching in our shoulders and upper backs.  Pushing, pulling and lifting during household chores and exercise can cause injuries which can interfere with your daily life.

We can help!!

First we have to determine what is causing the problem by performing orthopedic and neurological diagnostic testing.  Dr. Pray is an expert in determining what is causing the pain or functional deficit.

Next we determine the best course of action for each individual case:

For most treatment includes some assisted stretching, and manual tissue release, chiropractic adjustments, and instruction on strengthening and stretching to speed recovery and prevent future injury.

Everyone is different, and often the longer you’ve had an issue the longer a treatment plan will be.  We NEVER lock anyone into long-term treatment plans.  If you aren’t seeing improvement after a few visits or a few weeks (depending on the condition) then we’ll look for new options to help whether it’s in our office or with another medical professional.

We are here to help!  If you’d like to set up an appointment please call us or request an appointment!