Burning between the ‘blades

Pain between the shoulder blades is a common, and annoying occurrence for many who work at a desk or with their hands above their shoulders.  Relief can be found with chiropractic care, and a little rest and relaxation.  Since rest isn’t an easy thing to come by in our world it’s best to figure out a way to minimize the stress we put on that area.  So here are some tips!

The pain we feel between the shoulder blades commonly arises from facilitated (tight) rhomboid muscles.  The rhomboids are thin, superficial muscles which are crucial in many arm movements we make during a normal day.  Long periods of less-than-good posture weakens the rhomboids, and the muscles at the base of the skull while tightening the muscles in the front of the neck and upper chest causing the pain between the shoulder blades.  We call this upper-cross syndrome.  The best approach to combat this is consciously improving the posture; while seated rotate your thumbs outwardly until they point backward… Notice that your shoulder blades are closer together?  Good… Now tuck your chin straight back so you’re in a much better postural position, and reducing the amount of stress on your back and neck!  When you’re looking at your smart phone or computer screen it’s important to bring them to your eye level so you can keep that good posture you’ve been working on!