It’s C…C…COLD!  Minimizing joint pain and stiffness in frigid temperatures

It’s Iowa, and it’s cold!

Frigid temperatures and increased aches/ pains seems to go hand in hand for many.  This time of year our office fills up with sore joints, and tight muscles.  The question, which no one has been able to definitively answer, is WHY do we seem to hurt more when it’s cold?  No ‘one’ theory has come up with an answer, because there are probably several causes.

Inactivity- we move less when it’s cold, and decreased activity can increase sensitivity to pain.  (words to remember all year ‘round!)

Increased thickness of joint fluid due to cold weather possibly making movement more difficult than it would be normally.

SO, what should you do to decrease that joint pain??

Warm up your car, AND your body before you go out into the frozen tundra we call Iowa.

Drink something warm before you head out into the elements (Uh hem… something that doesn’t have alcohol in it)

Eat anti-inflammatory foods- like fish, spinach, oranges, and whole grains while reducing refined sugars and processed foods.

Stay active- Simply moving joints stimulates secretion of lubricating joint fluid and blood flow to arthritic or painful areas (chiropractic adjustments help with arthritic joints in the neck and back that are difficult to move on your own).

Stay warm, and use heat- if you’ve had joint pain longer than a week it is important to use heat to increase blood flow to the arthritic areas.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about the research on this or any other topic please give me a call.